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  • Classic Massage

    • 30 minutes express massage $45
      If you can't make it for a 60 minutes session but have a specific area (e.i. neck and shoulders) you need work on, this is for you! Also recommended for headache relieve
    • 60 Minutes Classic $75
      This 60 minutes personalized massage is a blend of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, and Relaxation Massage Technique which are used to help your body feel its best.
    • 60 Minutes Swedish Massage $75
      A relaxing massage technique where slow and gliding strokes are used on the muscle. This technique is helps increase the level of oxygen in the blood, decreased muscle toxins, improves circulation and flexibility while easing tension.
    • 60 Minutes Deep Tissue $75
      Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).
    • 90 Minutes Classic $110
      What is better than a 60 minutes massage? 90 minutes of course! Help your body feel it's best with 30 extra minutes on your massage session.
    • 90 Minutes Swedish Massage $110
      Add 30 extra minutes to your already relaxing massage!
    • 90 Minutes Deep Tissue $110
      Add 30 minutes for those areas of your body that need extra tension releasing time
    • 120 minutes classic $140
      You deserve time for yourself! This 120 minutes session really gives you time to focus on specific areas of your body without neglecting the rest of your body.

  • Prenatal Massage

    • 60 Minutes Prenatal Massage $75
      Prenatal massage is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, as well as relieving mental and physical fatigue.
  • Upgrades